CodeCombat is an educational video game for students to learn through type coding. Various programming concepts and languages are explored such as the fundamentals of computer science, JavaScript, Python, HTML and CoffeeScript. Overall, CodeCombat has 11 units - three game development units, two web development units, and six computer science units.

Held on 1st June, with a workshop on the 30th of May, the tournament will have several rounds as described below:


Free arenas

Participants first enter one of the two free arenas below:

Upon completion, the top 20% of participants can proceed to the other free arena.

Level arenas

Participants can then opt to complete any of the level arenas below:


The winners of the tournament will be nominated to participate in the International CodeCombat Competition in late August!

Additionally, the top 5% or top 10 scorers will be awarded prizes!

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CS1 Level Guides (For all levels):

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