March Conference

Key Details

  • Workshops: 10th - 12th March
  • Hackathon: 13th - 15th March
  • Venue: Online
  • Email contact for queries: [email protected]

BuildingBloCS’ virtual March Conference aims to spark an interest in Python and Data Science by introducing three beginner-level workshops on NumPy, Pandas and Matplotlib. We also have a special sharing by FOSSASIA, the premier open source organisation in Asia, about data scraping! To put your learning to the test, a three-day hackathon has been organised with attractive prizes to be won!

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10th March

  1. Foundations of Python for Data Science

    The curriculum includes proper indentation, data types, variable assignment as well as control structures like loops and conditionals. Finally, the workshop also introduces them to libraries as a lead-up to the subsequent workshops.

    By ACJC Students

11th March

  1. Data Manipulation - NumPy

    Explore the efficiency of NumPy, a faster and memory-efficient substitute for Python Lists. From basic syntax to advanced features like broadcasting, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of NumPy.

    By Shivani, Sheng Xin and Lucius

  2. Data Manipulation - Pandas

    Explore the use of Pandas, a more efficient way of editing your excel sheets. From basic features like merging DataFrames together, to more advanced features, with connectivity to other Python Packages, become a pro at handling data in Python!

    By Dhanvine, Eugene and Mahit

12th March

  1. Data Visualisation with Matplotlib and Seaborn

    Explore the fundamentals of data visualisation in Python. Gain practical insights into creating clear and effective plots as you learn to wield Matplotlib and Seaborn with minimal effort!

    By Sahil, Harry, Ze Dong and Weiyi

  2. Data Scraping with FOSSASIA

    Special Guest from FOSSASIA to conduct a workshop on data scraping

    By Mr Marco A. Gutiérrez

13th - 15th March

  1. Hackathon

    Let your imagination run wild! Create unique and innovative solutions for the problem statement we provide.

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